“ Today the Beauty Industry is in the lead, bringing in over $170 billion dollars a year worldwide. About $40 billion in America, $60 billion in Europe, $60 billion in Australia & Asia and another $10 billion in Africa. ”  

Want to earn extra income? Want to be your own boss?

Are you an esthetician or make-up artist interested in adding additional services to your repertoire?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, look no further. LUXGlam Co. has carefully designed a training workshop that offers an unique balance of theory & hands-on training. Each class is tailored to meet the specific needs of each trainee, allowing them to learn & work at their own pace.


At LUXGlam Co. just showing up for training does not guarantee certification. Successful completion of the workshop requires that you demonstrate comprehension of the key concepts and theory of eyelash extensions and that you can perform the application technique in a safe, efficient, and confident manner.


This training workshop will begin your journey in the beauty world of Eyelash Extensions, Microblading & More!!

Learn how to apply eyelash extensions one-by-one to the natural lashes adding length, thickness and fullness.

  Weekly Profit Earnings: $2,250  

Eyelash Extensions


 Learn how to apply eyelash extensions to the bottom lash-line. This technique provides a natural and fuller look to the bottom lashes. Bottom eyelash extensions are a add-on service.

  Earn up to $750 extra (weekly)   

Eyelash Extensions


Learn how to create a fuller look in 1/2 the time. This technique is the perfect for clients with sparse lashes, gaps or those who want to add more “Volume” to their classic eyelash extensions.

  Weekly Profit Earnings: $3,750  

Eyelash Extensions


Learn a beauty procedure using a combination of lash perm & eyelash rollers to “Lift”, curl and give the appearance of longer, darker lashes. A lash lift is an Eyelash Extension alternative.

  Weekly Profit Earnings: $1,500  

Eyelash Perm


Learn the step-by-step process of creating semi-permanent hair like incisions that enhance, reshape, and reconstruct the natural appearance of eyebrows. Click here for more details.

  Weekly Profit Earnings: $6,750  



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Mon-Sat:   11am-6pm

Sunday:   Closed


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